SAOD Network Website

Sacrament Area Organization Development Website

The local group, Sacramento Area Organizational Development Network came to us to create a new website. They needed a membership system that allowed visitors to sign up and pay for the yearly membership, as well as access member only content. Another feature was event registration that allowed paid members to sign up for free, and allow those with free memberships to sign up for events for a fee.

Pearl designed their logo and site layout and we also did some custom photography for background elements of the site.

Website backend

On the backend we paired s2member with Events Manager plugins to handle the member and event registration. These two plugins worked well together allowing for the user rolls created by s2member to have different payment options on Events Manager.

This was a large project that took some time to organize all the moving parts. Unfortunately about a year after launch the group had a major restructuring and the website is no longer in use.

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