My Wedding Website

My Wedding Website

Since I’m a web developer I just had to make my own wedding website. We used it to tell our story to guests and give general information about the location and timeline of the day. I was looking to do something a little different than usual and also had to do it very fast. I found html5up that offered some great HTML templates free for use under creative commons. The Helios theme had everything I was looking for so I downloaded it and starting tinkering. We used several of our own photographs along with ones our photographer had shot on our engagement shoot.

We’ve got forms

We also incorporated a couple google forms for both RSVP and fill out our pre-wedding Mad Lib! We then printed out a bunch of the best ones and had them displayed at the wedding. I also setup a PayPal donate button for people to do cash gifts for our Honeymoon.

Wedding Website Location Information

Image Carousel

We used the Helios carousel to showcase our story in pictures from our early dating and all the big events up to the proposal.

Wedding Website Image Carasel

Wrapping up the wedding website

The website was a big hit for getting all the information to our guests and having them RSVP. All of the data was dumped into an Google Sheet which made for easier organizing. I had a fun time putting it together. Big thanks to html5up for the great work.

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