WordPress Team Fortress 2 Steam Achievements Plugin

This plugin uses your Steam user name and collects all of your Team Fortress 2 achievements. After you enter your name and your steam data is loaded you can add a widget to your site that displays any number of your achievements starting with the one most recently achieved.

View the plugin on the WordPress.org repository

Here is an example of what it can look like in your sidebar.

Steam Team Fortress 2 Achievement Plugins

Setting up the plugin

The first thing you will need is either your Steam Profile Name or Profile ID. The profile name is the Custom URL you chose for your Steam Community Profile, and you can find it in the url for your profile.

eg. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lunch_Meat/

If you never picked a URL than your Steam 64bit ID is shown in the url of your community page.

eg. http://steamcommunity.com/id/76561197963973896/

You can use this number in the Steam Profile Name field on the plugin options page.

When you hit save the plugin collects your achievement data and saves it to the WordPress options section of your database.

Steam Achievements Options Page

After you save your name a table of all your achievements will load on the page. They are ordered by your most recent to oldest. Any achievements earned before the Pyro update of August 2009 did not have a unlockTimestamp property. All of these will display January 1st, 1970 as your Date Unlocked.

Steam Achievements Plugin Options Page

You will also see the number of achievements completed, as well as your Steam Profile Picture. If you need to change the ID you entered you can type a new name or id into the Steam URL name field and click Update.

Steam Achievement Widget Options

Steam Achievement Plugin Widget

There are a couple options to customize your Achievement Widget. You can pick how many badges you want to show, up to the number you have achieved. If you use a number larger than what you have achieved you will have broken images in your widget, so don’t be dumb.

You can also select the number of badges to appear in each row. Depending on how large your sidebar is you can pick between one and five in a row. Remember that most badges are only 64px square so they will upscale and lose resolution if you pick fewer in a row than you have space for. Some of the newer badges have larger images, but it is unclear if Steam will update the past badges.

The last option is to display tooltips. This adds a hover state for each badge displayed that shows the name and description for the badge.

Steam Achievement Plugin Widget Tooltip


I made this plugin because I wanted a way to see and share my progress in Team Fortress 2 achievements. I plan to add other Steam games in future updates but for now I decided to start with the game that I play the most, Team Fortress 2.

Let me know if you like and use the plugin, or if you have any suggestions or requests for improvements.

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