Birthday, Baseball, and Beer

I turned 28 this week yet don’t feel much older. However, tt was a pretty big year for me. Pearl and I finished our 365days project, we started Red Cart Studios, and we bought a home. I certainly didn’t think I would be at this point at 28 so I’ve at least got that going for me.

For dinner we checked out The Republic Featuring Drewski’s and settled up in our seats as the Giants game got  underway. My only complaint about the place would be the bench that lines the side wall. I like that it has a step up so you’re elevated but it’s so deep you feel really far away from your table. You almost have to sit on the edge of your seat just to eat your food. The burger I had was delicious and while their draft selection was lacking they did have a good variety of bottles so I enjoyed a 22oz Anchor Steam.

The Republic also features some nice pool tables and skeeball and plenty of televisions you never miss any action. And speaking of action the four run rally that kicked off the Giants offense was a nice way to close out the evening. We left Republic when it was 8-1 and they went on to win 14-7. Some crazy offense for what was supposed to be a low scoring game.

I heard a funny story on the way into work this morning as I listened to the tail end of the midnight recap. Apparently Krukow said on the TV broadcast in the first inning that if you were looking for the Giants to score 15 runs than you should change the channel because this was not going to be that kind of game. When asked about that during the post game wrap he said he still got the over under. : ) I tried finding the tweet that called him out on it but to no avail.

Before going out I had treated myself and bought a nice bottle of Firestone Parabola. The beer is part of their Proprietor’s Reserve Series and was only released this month. I enjoyed a nice helping of it to close out the evening though next time I’ll try to have some truffles or other chocolate treats that would pair nicely with the Imperial Stout. A friend told me that I should have waited and let the beer age more before opening but I saw a couple more boxes at the store so I just might grab another or two and save those.

Beer Advocate currently scores Parabola at 99 and I doubt you could find someone who would disagree.

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