Let’s Get Blogging, the twelve month plan

The Twelve Month Plan

Creating new habits is never an easy task. Doing so takes repetition, and consistency. Most plans I’ve read suggest starting with a task for 30 days. I doubt I have much to talk about every day, so instead I’m opting for the Twelve Month Plan. One blog post, every week, for the entire year. I suppose a better name might be the Fifty-Two Week plan, but that Fifty-Two is pretty big and daunting. This way I can cross of each month as I go for smaller, more manageable goals.

I plan to blog about my continued self education of front end web development. I have a decent understanding of HTML and CSS with enough PHP to get myself around a WordPress Theme. I’ve also developed a couple custom themes for small business clients. For every step I learn, I see the next hundred beyond. While in the past this might have made me lose focus and switch to an easier task I think I am now ready to tackle what challenges me.

My goals for the year are as follows:

  • Memorize HTML5 standards
  • Strengthen SASS skill-set
  • Learn Javascript
  • Release an Open Source Theme
  • Find 10 developers that I communicate with regularly

That’s a whole lot to accomplish, but I’ve got a year to get through it all. I’m sure life is going to find a way to interfere, like my wedding in late April, so I’m going to try to create a post or two early to use as filler in the busier weeks. I will do this no more than three times, and hopefully not at all.


One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered with my blog is a need to tinker with the style of the site. So I’m going to set some goals to help in this regard.

I will not change the theme of this blog for the first month of my project. This way I can focus on writing. My need to constantly adjust and play with the theme of my own site has left me unhappy with the look and then I quickly grow unhappy with the blog. I don’t want this to be the case this time. I have a couple ideas in mind of what I will be looking for and after I find the one that best suits me I wont change it for the rest of the project. Since one of my goals is to create a theme I will have a separate theme project that I will tinker with and release to the public. After a year, and the theme is hopefully complete, I’ll switch to that theme, or another of my own creation.

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