New Adventures

Today marks my final day working at a television station.

It’s been a long journey, with many interviews and jobs that I almost got. I’ve been working on my programming skills for several years. A little more than a month ago I got my first part-time Junior WordPress Developer position that I could do from home. It was the foot in the door I needed and the plan was to do that and the station until the next opportunity came along. As luck would have it that opportunity came about two weeks later. Another WordPress shop based out of Granite Bay needed developers.

I’ll be splitting my time between the two and already have plenty of work to keep me busy. After I get settled I’ll do some of the Granite Bay work remote as well. I’m very excited that both jobs are WordPress related so I can continue to build on my skills and contribute to the community. Last fall I gave my first tech talk at WordCamp Sacramento. While I don’t have a talk for this years WordCamp I did join the organizational committee and will be managing the photographer volunteers.

With the new jobs I’ll be able to wake at a normal hour and have weekend off. And have weekends off. And have weekends off! Between my jobs at the movie theater and the tv stations I’ve never had weekends. Pearl and I are looking forward to having a similar schedule and even making weekend trips (I’m looking at you Santa Cruz!).

I’m very happy for the time and opportunities I’ve had, but it’s time to make a change and look towards the future.

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