New Office & Desk

I’ve been working from home for almost a year we finally got around to setting up a better office. We have a three bedroom home and decided to swap the rooms we use as the office and the guest room. After a few years of living in a home you realize the initial decisions you made are not always the best.

We cleaned out what was our guest room and started with a clean slate to set up the best workspace. I also needed a new desk as the one I had been using was showing a lot of wear and tear.

For the desk I ended up getting an Ikea Kitchen Countertop, the BARKABODA. I got the 74x 1 1/2 inch desk which was plenty for what I needed. I used the same legs that I had on my previous desk. But I added a fifth to the middle of the back of the desk to provide extra support for the monitor stand. My monitor stand is the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand. It has great mobility for the monitors and has the option to swivel them vertically if I have the need. The stand is very sturdy and I haven’t had any issues.

desk 2

I keep my 2017 MacBook Pro on a Giffin Desktop Stand to get the screen up for better visibility and airflow. Since I opted for the 256GB drive I got a USB-C Hard Drive Dock. The speed is great and works with my large IDE and SATA Drives that were in my old PC Tower.

I debating between getting a standing desk, or some sort of converter for a long time. I liked the look and size of the Barkaboda countertop and the price was much less than any standing desk that would be worth a damn. I opted instead to get a DeskCycle that fits right under the desk. I try to put in a couple hours a day on the cycle. I have found that when I’m reading documentation or trying to learn something difficult the cycling gets in the way.

Overall I’m happy with my new setup and look forward lots more productive work from home.


Angie July 7, 2022 Reply

Hi Anthony!
I found this post while searching for a way to make my own home workstation a little better. I bought a barkaboda countertop myself and have it as my current desk. It is balanced on top of two Alex filling cabinets from IKEA but I am considering getting a leg (I think it’s called the Adils?) from Ikea so I can move the file drawers around. Did you use the standard Adils leg from IKEA with yours?


Anthony July 21, 2022 Reply

Yes I just used standard Adils leg from Ikea. I put an extra one in the back to help support the monitor arm, but I don’t know how necessary that was. I’ve actually moved the arm more to the side.

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