Android Theme – Stripes

Every few months I like to re-theme my cell phone. The advantage of owning a droid phone is I can make it look like just about anything I want. I’m still using my Motorola Droid X which has served me very well the past year and a half. I have not rooted my phone and instead use LauncherPro Plus for most of the redesign.

My current theme began from some inspiration from the website MyColorScreen. Though it was mainly the diagonal stripes that I took and then worked a few different ways to add my most used app shortcuts. I wish I had bookmarked the original so I could give credit but that was months ago and I’m not sure where the background came from. Let’s hope they took it from somewhere else and we’re all guilty.

I ended up going with Simi Folder to group together the different aps and used MetroStation to create the circle icons. I love the power and flexibility of mClock but I don’t yet know how customize them. I found this theme, ReWorkClock, by Chris Banks to be very solid and I will probably try to incorporate it into my next theme. I’ll also probably stick with Business Calendar Free for my full screen calendar widget. It is far superior to the Launcher Pro one and shows the 7 day week format which I prefer. It also sync’s up with my Google Calendar with no problems.

Highlight the apps below to get links to them and be sure to check out MyColorScreen for more inspiration.

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