A Few Branches Higher

After two days I have worked through the HTML and CSS badges at Treehouse. I knew a lot of the content but there were definetely some things that I had glossed over in teaching myself. I didn’t really know much about first-child pseudo classes as well as the child selectors. Things like this wont be used too often but I can already think of applications where they would be helpful.

As far as the instruction the Videos are well put together and go through the basic information as well as real world uses. I do wish the quizzes included more questions. After each section you are given a five question test that unlocks that individual badge. If you get one wrong it does make you start over so you have to get five in a row correct. However, questions you already answered correctly are asked again. I might not have flown through the content as quickly but I feel I would have a better grasp if my knowledge was tested more rigorously.

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