From the Tree to the Tuts

After three months of being a member at Team Treehouse I’ve decided a change of direction was in order. There were many things that I liked about Treehouse and it did get me motivated to get back into web design, but a lack of full lesson content as well as a change in the whole site left me looking for something new.

A lot of the early training through HTML and CSS was branded for a previous training group that has probably transformed into Treehouse. These lessons were complete and took you step by step through the coding. A lot of the quizzes were not that difficult and I would have liked more code challenges to practice the new concepts. I also liked the way Treehouse organized the lessons to show you the path of each new concept as it lead you on your way to your goal. However, about a month in the site had a complete overhaul and changed the organization of the lessons. You could pick topics you were interested in and your “Dashboard” would show the next lessons you should do, but I found it hard to just look around a various lessons and pick what I wanted to do next.

As of such I decided to switch my online learning from Treehouse to Tuts+ Premium.

Already I am really impressed and excited by Tuts+ and what I’ve learned already. I like the huge amount of content that is already available in many topics. I’ve begun working on the lesson for php fundamentals and have several others that I am looking forward to tackling. I’ll continue to post thoughts as I go forward but the amount of lessons as well as the eBooks that I’ve already begun to collect and go through lead me to believe I made the right decision.

Treehouse is a good tool and is working towards becoming a bigger contender in the online teaching forums but for now I need more content and not just the beginnings of lessons.

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