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It’s been a crazy ride for the San Francisco Giants so far in the 2012 playoff’s. As I write this they’re trying to come back from a big lead by the Cardinals in Game One of the NLCS. I’ve been a big fan of the Giants for a long time and 2010 was a great year but I’m looking forward to another long postseason run. More on baseball later.

At work I’ve begun work to create a in-house Wiki to serve as a manual/guide for all the technical operations at the television station. The technology seems to be constantly changing and it would be helpful to have one location where everything would come together and be searchable. Also the added bonus of using the Wiki platform lets us link to all the devices and terms in each article. We’re going to start by getting a lot of the information compiled along with a current list of all the equipment in the equipment racks. I’ve already made a table that represents a top down view of the TechCenter with each cabinet labeled and linking to the single page for that cabinet.

So far we set up my coworkers laptop as a web-server and installed MediaWiki. We got everything running and after a small hiccup in the admin password (apparently I was dyslexic in both the first and second typing of the password) we were off and running and started creating pages. On the upside it got us to dig into the myPHPadmin and run a command that reset the admin password. Seeing how to run commands and talk to the database will be a good help in maintaining the Wiki down the road.

My beer update! The IPA turned out great. The head has a solid foam and a solid flavor. I’ve had a few friends try them and gotten good praise so I’m motivated to get going with another brew.

Now to find the time…

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