Living at the Treehouse

I’ve been wanting to restart my web design learning for a couple months now, ever since I quit Squarespace and switched back to WordPress and self hosting for my website. I’ve learned a lot over the years about HTML and CSS and pretty much everything was self taught. I also didn’t really learn things in a good sequential manner and always picked things up whenever I needed them. I hope to add more website development into projects for Red Cart so I decided to really go back to the beginning.

I found Treehouse through some adds on web development sites that I visit and I think it will be a great way to learn things correctly from the beginning. I already went through most of their basic HTML videos (which they offer for free) and already learned some things that I had previously skipped over. It’s only $25 a month for the basic subscription so hopefully I can pound through the content. Here on the blog I’ll post about things I’ve learned, my reactions to the coursework as well as projects that I’ve developed. I also hope to redesign the blog as well from the core up but that will not be happening for a little bit. I’d prefer to have a lot more content to begin with to better layout the designs needed.

If Treehouse sounds like something you can use in your own education click the link below for a discount on your first month.

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