0h h1 – A Little Logic Game

Today I found a fun little game called 0h h1 created by Martin Kool. It is a logic game with three key rules

  • Fill in the squares of a grid without repeating a line
  • Each line must have the same number of red and blue squares
  • No line can have three of the same color in a row.

It sounds simple enough and the first couple levels are pretty easy, but then you get to the 8×8 and 10×10 grids and the game gets very intense. Every fix you make causes a ripple effect of other changes that are needed. It reminds me of Sudoku but with more restrictive rules especially since you only have two colors to work with and not nine numbers. These logic games are a fun way to kill some time while working your brain.

oh h1 logic games

Do you have what it takes? Try for your self @ http://0hh1.com/

So far I’ve beaten all but the 10×10 level.


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