My Steam Achievements Plugin is Officially Launched

After realizing that my achievements plugin hosting request at was not the final step in the process I successfully went through the steps to push my plugin to the repository.

I kept checking back and searching for the plugin but it was taking forever to be added. I then did a little more research and saw that even though I had the plugin in a zip file they weren’t going to do the work for me and I had to upload it myself. I probably should have realized it sooner but got caught up in other things.

The process was actually quite easy. I followed a walkthrough from the Digging Into WordPress Blog and there are very few steps.

  • Create a folder inside your plugins main directory to house the local version of the repository
  • Checkout the svn from your approved directory
  • Copy the files into the local version folder.
    • Screenshots into the Assets folder
    • All other files into the Trunk folder
  • Check in the svn

I like that checking in the svn automatically connected and uploaded my changes to the repository. I was anticipating something similar to git where you add the files, then commit them, and then push. This seemed to skip a step. I was so happy the process was easy I instagrammed my success.

Pushing my first plugin to the WordPress repository.

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Now that the plugin is in the repository I’ve started plans for the next update. So far it only adds your TF2 achievements. Next up will be CSGO and Left For Dead 2. I’ll have to research from there what games are most popular and in need of something like this. DOTA2 probably needs its own plugin since the game is so big.

Here’s my project page that will have all of the updates and information

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